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Bike Racks For SUVs

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bike rack for suvSUV’s have become one of the most popular choices for family cars because they are so flexible in cargo and passenger capabilities as well as adaptation to varied terrain. Naturally, people who own an SUV and who love to bike will also need special bike racks for SUV’s.

Probably the most popular type of bike rack for SUVs today are the roof mount type.

An SUV of course has a different profile than a sedan or sports model vehicle. It is generally larger and taller than a regular passenger car and has a rear door rather than a trunk lid in the back. Bike racks for SUV’s need to fit the back of the vehicle securely as well as providing a rear view that is as unobstructed as possible.

Probably the two most popular choices in bike racks for SUV’s are the roof mounted type and the hitch mount type but there are strap on types available similar to those used on trunk mount racks. The strap on type may be preferable for those who do not have or want a trailer hitch and who do not want to deal with a roof mount. They can also be a good choice for a rented or leased SUV.

┬áRoof mounted bike racks for SUV’s are often chosen because many SUV’s come with a roof rack and crossbars already in place which makes attaching a roof mount rack simple. Some of the modular types of roof racks can also be adapted for carrying luggage or other cargo when the bike rack is not needed. The disadvantage of the roof bike rack is that some people have difficulty getting bikes on and off of the roof and the high profile of the vehicle and bikes can make driving tricky in some conditions and locations. Some roof racks do not require pre-existing racks or crossbars.

Hitch mount bike racks for SUV’s can be a great choice because they are very easy to install and simple to load and unload. They can easily hold several bikes which is nice for families or groups going biking. If your vehicle does not have a hitch, count on the installation of one adding from about $125 to $200 to the price you will pay.


Bike racks for SUV’s can be roof mounted, strap on models that attach to the back door or models which attach to a trailer hitch. Strap on and hitch mounts may be easier to load and unload than rooftop carriers.