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Commercial Bike Rack

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commercial bike rackThere are a variety of hitch mount bike carriers that have either a platform tray mount that supports the tires, as well as the hanging mount. There are a number of companies that have manufacture the hitch mounted bike carriers. The following is a short list of companies that offer hitch mounted bike carriers: Inno, Saris, Thule and Yakima.


The convenience of a hitch mount bike rack over a roof mounted bike model is that there is no lifting a bike above your head while keeping bike and self balanced.  Hitch mounted bike carriers tend to make loading easy and quick.  The hitch mounted bike rack can make it more inconvenient to get into the rear cargo area of the vehicle while bikes are loaded.  If cost is not an issue there are some more expensive swing away hitch mounted bike carriers that make it more convenient to get into the rear cargo area.


Dependent upon name brand, model, quality, style and other factors the cost will vary considerably.  Thule, Saris and Yakima tend to price the highest, but their experience and quality of product make these companies the best choice. Thule, Saris and Yakima are the three dominant hitch mounted bike carrier companies in U.S. bicycle shops.



Ors Racks Direct is a major on-line distributor of Saris, Thule and Yakima bike carriers.  If the purchaser selects a platform tray hitch mounted bike carrier prices will range on sale from $224.10 – $395.95.  The hanging style hitch mounted bike carrier on sale prices will range from $152.95 – $422.95.  Ground shipping is free on orders over $99.00.


Bike Rack Shops offers Advantage, Saris, Thule and Yakima hitch mounted bike racks. The Advantage two bike carrier hitch mount is now on sale at $78.95.  The high end Saris and Thule two bike carrier hitch mount is about $296.95 to $323.99.


Thule Bike Carriers – If you are set on Thule it can be an advantage to go directly to their web site to talk with the experts when outfitting a vehicle with a hitch mounted bicycle carrier.  When buying direct from the manufacturer there tend to be more models available for purchase, plus the added advantage of expertise.  The price of platform tray hitch mounted bike carrier costs from $439.95 – $299.95.  The price for the hanging hitch mounted bike carrier is $369.95 – $159.95.




There are many reputable web sites that offer the hitch mounted bicycle carriers.  Some of the companies offer free shipping on orders over $99.00.  If you know the brand you want to purchase it can be more helpful to directly visit the experts to help outfit your vehicle with the correct hitch mounted bike carrier.